Knowledge is power . This inspired some educationists to establish in 1968 an institution now well known as The Graduate School College F or W omen. The college in its earlier years began with intermediate in Arts / Commerce / Science Classes.

At present the Intermediate Courses are being conducted under the guidance of Jharkhand Academic Council on the pattern of CBSE Courses

Courses in Science, Commerce and Arts are offered to those who have passed out of schools and cover practically all the important branches of learning at this stage.

The college has a well equipped library and laboratories, computer section, besides learned and experienced staff members. It is not in academic studies alone, the college also encourages the students to take part in extracurricular activities such as games, sports, dance and drama. Students learn the art of effective communication through debates and elocution organised periodically in the college. Besides these there are some regular college functions and activities which the students are urged to participate in.

The Graduate School College F or W omen is devoted to the task of providing value based education and the building of a total personality so that they may face the ups downs of life confidently .

In Jharkhand state womens education is free. Therfore no tuition fee is charged from girl students.